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Peter Alekseevich 1689-1725

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1 kopeck 1712, Peter I Alekseevich, Moscow, Old Mint
L.12.11(s)-22962 no wish
1 pcs
889 ₽
1 kopeck 1711, Peter I Alekseevich, Moscow, Old Mint
L.12.12(s)-22963 no wish
1 pcs
729 ₽
1 kopeck 1702, Peter I Alekseevich, Moscow, Old Mint
L.12.31(s)-22964 no wish
1 pcs
809 ₽

Peter Alekseevich 1689-1725

Ivan Alekseevich (tsar from 1682 to 1696) son of Alexei Mikhailovich (reigned from 1645 to 1676). Ivan Alekseevich co-proprietor of Peter I, because they were both appointed tsars. And Ivan Alekseevich’s sister, Princess Sophia, was appointed regent (temporary head of state), since Ivan was 15 years old at that time, and Peter I was 10 years old. Ivan Alekseevich was considered sickly since childhood, but he had a wife, Evdokia Saltykova, and one of Ivan Alekseevich’s daughters, Anna Ioannovna, became empress in the following years 1730-1740. During the joint reign of Ivan and Peter (1682-1696), coins were issued both with the name Ivan and with the name Peter. In 1696, Ivan died, and coins began to be minted - only with the name of Peter. 1717 is the last year of issue of coins - “scales”.

In 1689, Peter I got married, he turned 17 years old, at that time he became an adult, regent Sophia had to give up the throne, after her attempts to retain power, Peter I exiled her to a monastery, so Sophia ruled from 1682 to 1689. Ordinary coins with the name “Sophia” were not issued, except for gold chervonets, which at that time were considered a reward, but now they are very rare.