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Vasily Shuisky 1606-1610

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1 kopeck 1606-1610, Vasily Ivanovich Shuisky, Moscow
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1049 ₽
Polushka Vasily Shuisky 1606-1610
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Vasily Shuisky 1606-1610

Vasily Shuisky was a representative of the Rurik dynasty; during his reign, he adopted a new military charter, adopted a number of laws, which were called the “Conciliar Code,” and signed the Vyborg Treaty - an alliance between Russia and Sweden against Poland.

But the reign was full of exciting events: the uprising of Bolotnikov (under the idea of introducing a new impostor to the throne, False Peter-Ileika), the uprising of False Dmitry II (False Dmitry II, posing as the miraculously surviving False Dmitry I, but after a stop in Tushino, he was unable to take Moscow and fled to Tula), in 1609 the King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania Sigismund III took Smolensk under siege. On July 17, 1610, at a meeting of boyars, it was decided that Vasily Shuisky should leave his throne and the king was forced to agree, gradually he was deprived of all rights and could no longer resist. In the fall of 1610, the Polish Hetman took Vasily Shuisky from Moscow and handed him over to Sigismund III, who imprisoned Vasily in Gostyninsky Castle near Warsaw in 1611, where Vasily Shuisky died in 1612.

The problem was that Vasily Shuisky was not popular among the people, it was said that he came to power illegally - as a result of a coup d'etat and the murder/overthrow of False Dmitry I (at that time many people believed that False Dmitry II was False Dmitry I , and in turn, False Dmitry I is a real living Tsar Dmitry Ivanovich - the rank of Ivan the Terrible, who should now be in power). The next ruler in 1610, after the departure of Vasil Shuisky, was to become Vladislav Zhigimontovich.