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Fedor Ivanovich 1584-1598

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Denga Fyodor Ivanovich 1584-1598, HC - under Horse, Moscow
L.7.33(s)-23173 no wish
1 pcs
809 ₽
Polushka 1584-1598, Fyodor Ivanovich 1584-1598
L.8.11(s)-23174 no wish
1 pcs
1609 ₽

Fyodor Ivanovich 1584-1598, Kopekс,  Denga, Polushka

Fyodor Ivanovich was the son of Ivan the Terrible. When Fyodor Ivanovich ascended the throne in 1584, he still had a brother, Dmitry, but he died a mysterious death in 1591 at the age of 8 years. Fyodor Ivanovich ended up being the only surviving child of Ivan the Terrible by 1591. Subsequently, “False Dmitry I” appears in 1605-1606, who appears to be the miraculously surviving son of Ivan the Terrible. But he turned out to be an impostor. Fyodor Ivanovich was married to Irina Godunova. They had no children, so Fyodor Ivanovich ends the Rurik family. An entire dynasty that had ruled since the 9th century, that is, for almost 700 years, ceased to hold the throne. In Russia, from 1598 to 1613, the Time of Troubles began, after which the new Romanov dynasty 1613-1917 came to power. As a result, after the death of Fedor in 1598, Boris Godunov, the brother of Fedor’s wife, became the ruler. The wife's brother is called brother-in-law.