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Black Friday at, 15% discount on all products, until 29 oktober 23:59:59!

- the sale is valid until 29 oktober 23:59:59
- there is no limit on the number of items in the cart. Those. you can add as many products as we have in stock.
- the order can be paid within 7 days, after the end of the promotion the discount will not be lost.
- there is no limit on the amount of the order. For any basket amount, even if the basket is 1 ruble, you can still place an order.
- discounts that were previously disabled for the duration of the promotion. During the promotion everyone gets a 15% discount
- product discount, delivery is not included in the discount
- during the promotion, some types of delivery and payment may be disabled
- you will see the discount in your shopping cart

Soon in stock: Catalogue of USSR and Russian coins of 1918-2023




New video! Reverse 2 without crown on rare 2 rubles 2020 variety "G", stamped pair from the Crimea.

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Albums for coins and banknotes - back in stock! - on-line shop



25 rubles 2021 Masha and the Bear, Russian animation - Coming soon!




Postal promotion: Discounts for delivery until 22 Oktober 23:59:59

Free delivery by Post if:
- order from 15.000 rubles (or equal currency) and order weight up to 1000 grams
- order from 30.000 rubles (or equal currency) and order weight up to 2000 grams
- order from 45.000 rubles (or equal currency) and order weight up to 3000 grams
- an intermediate option is possible, for example, the amount is >22.500 rub and the weight is <1500 grams. If the amount in shopping cart divide by the number of grams, the number you receive must be >3. It will means that the delivery will be free.
- delivery is reset to zero at the last step of ordering
- if you place an order in another currency, then this also applies.
- the action is created to stimulate you for ordering light weight product - coins.

New video! 200 rubles from the 90s: transitional and starting rare series of 1991 and 1992, watermark and value.

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Coins of the USSR, regular mintage - back in stock!




Colored coins of Russia - back in stock!




Coins of Modern Russia - regular mintage and varieties - back in stock!


The varieties of coins of interest in Russia and just regular minting have appeared on sale again! - on-line shop