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Back in stock: Set 25 rubles 2020 Weapon Designers MMD, 5 coins, 2 issue ! - on-line shop



New video! New items 2 and 10 rubles 2023 MMD of regular minting from the mint bag

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New: 3 rubles 2023 Transnistria Home front workers - on-line shop



New: 2 euro 2023 Estonia, Luxembourg, Italy!




Black Friday at, 15% discount on all products, until 2 June 21:59:59!

- the sale is valid until 2 June 21:59:59
- there is no limit on the number of items in the cart. Those. you can add as many products as we have in stock.
- the order can be paid within 7 days, after the end of the promotion the discount will not be lost.
- there is no limit on the amount of the order. For any basket amount, even if the basket is 1 ruble, you can still place an order.
- discounts that were previously disabled for the duration of the promotion. During the promotion everyone gets a 15% discount
- product discount, delivery is not included in the discount
- during the promotion, some types of delivery and payment may be disabled
- you will see the discount in your shopping cart

Train ride to Bangkok, Thailand. Metro, buses, tokens, coins.

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New: Coins of Russia,USSR with variety, 3 positions!




Back in stock: Coins of the USSR and Russia, with variety ! - on-line shop



New video! The third edition of the Cities of Labor Glory! Let's consider in detail what is depicted on the coins of 10 rubles 2023

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New! 2 rubles 2023 MMD of regular minting - in excellent condition without circulation! - on-line shop