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Copper Nickel UNC Coin Cleaner (PG011)
vitrina14(s)-20816 no wish
1 pcs
559 ₽
Aging and blackening agent for copper and brass products (PP002)
product have video Chrompeak. Determinant of the sample of silver (PP005)
S11.3.5(s)-20817 no wish
from 3 pcs: 289 ₽
1 pcs
329 ₽
Proof Gold Coin Refiner Refiner
vitrina16(s)-21147 no wish
from 3 pcs: 489 ₽
1 pcs
559 ₽
A tool for cleaning and polishing steel and nickel coins (TR003)
product have video A tool for cleaning coins Asidol-M
S16.5.1(s)-19420 no wish
from 5 pcs: 79 ₽
1 pcs
99 ₽
Card Holder
38.10(v)-19777 no wish
1 pcs
10 ₽
product have video Desktop frame for coins, 90x90 mm, black
S6.3.33(k)-20300 no wish
1 pcs
349 ₽
product have video Desktop frame for coins, 90x90 mm, white
S6.3.331(k)-20301 no wish
1 pcs
349 ₽
Means for cleaning of the copper dug out coins (PG005)
red3(s)-19493 no wish
from 3 pcs: 489 ₽
1 pcs
565 ₽
Means for cleaning of the Nickel dug out coins (PG006)
vitrina10(s)-19494 no wish
from 3 pcs: 495 ₽
1 pcs
559 ₽
product have video Means for deep cleaning of silver coins, soak in solution  (PG001)
vitrina13(s)-20027 no wish
1 pcs
389 ₽
Nanopatin (Creating a patina on copper coins) (PP001)
E6(s)-20029 no wish
1 pcs
345 ₽
Passivating, passivation tool coins (PP004)
E5(s)-19490 no wish
1 pcs
429 ₽
Patina for copper coins, Ocher (PP003)
E4(s)-20584 no wish
1 pcs
319 ₽
Polishing cloth for coins 8x8 cm
S18.3.86(s)-20351 no wish
1 pcs
99 ₽