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Vladislav Zhigimontovich 1610-1612

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1 kopeck 1610-1612, Vladislav Zhigimontovich, Under the horse MO - Moscow

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After Vasily Shuisky left the throne in 1610, by agreement of Sigismund III and the Moscow boyars, Vladislav Zhigimontovich was supposed to convert to Orthodoxy and become Tsar of the Russian state. The minting of coins with the inscription “Tsar and Prince Vladislav Zhigimontovich” began. But Vladislav Zhigimontovich did not go to Moscow, because it was not safe there. Since he did not arrive, he was not crowned. In Moscow, from 1610 to 1612, the boyars ruled - the “seven boyars”, representing Vladislav. In 1612 there was an uprising of Minin and Pozharsky ("Second People's Militia"), they fought against the Polish invaders. Minin and Pozharsky managed to achieve their goal - to capture the Kremlin and liberate Moscow from the Poles, so Vladislav Zhigimontovich no longer had to go to Moscow, he never became a king, but the coins had already been minted. Then, in 1613, the first Tsar from the Romanov family, Mikhail Fedorovich, was elected. The time of troubles is over.