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Catalog of Soviet Union and Russian coins 1918-2020 CoinsMoscow (with prices)
from 10 pcs: 129.00 ₽
1 pcs
199.00 ₽
Catalogue of Imperial Russia coins 1682-1917 with prices

waiting in december

Out of stock
249.00 ₽
Catalog of Russian banknotes 1769-2019  CoinsMoscow (with prices)
Catalog of USA coins 2020 Red Book
1 pcs
2699.00 ₽
English version. Catalog of Russian Imperial coins 1682-1917 CoinsMoscow (dollar prices)
from 10 pcs: 399.00 ₽
1 pcs
699.00 ₽
English version. Catalog of Soviet Union and Russian coins 1918-2018 CoinsMoscow (dollar prices)
Catalog of banknotes of the provinces of the Russian Empire, CIS and Baltic countries, Numismaniya
Catalog of coins of the Baltic States (before the introduction of the euro) (with prices)
from 5 pcs: 155.00 ₽
1 pcs
179.00 ₽
Catalog Polish banknotes Fischer 2018
1 pcs
559.00 ₽
Coin catalog of Finland 1864-2001years (with prices)
1 pcs
239.00 ₽
Coin Yearbook 2018
1 pcs
3199.00 ₽
Zaitsev V.V. Russian stamps on rubles and half-ruble XIV-XV centuries
Catalog of coins of Kazakhstan 1993-2016 (with prices)
1 pcs
209.00 ₽
Catalog of metro tokens of the world (with prices)
1 pcs
399.00 ₽
Grishin, Khramenkov. Types of Russian coins from Ivan the Terrible to Peter the Great with prices
Guide Book of United States Currency, 7th Edition
1 pcs
2699.00 ₽

Numismatic Literature, literature for numismatists, books. Catalogue of Russian coins from 1700 until 1917 year, With Prices and Pictures!