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Catalog of Russian banknotes 1769-2023 CoinsMoscow, 3 issue (with prices)  

Country: Russia
Year: 2022
Composition: Paper
Thickness (mm): 16.3
Weight (mm): 140
Length (mm): 205
Authenticity: original
 Number of subscriptions: 92
 Views: 117529
 Product code (SKU):  S20.4.3(s)
 EAN: 9785604338377
 ID:  p12721-c567-z705461656
 Weight: 521 g

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Catalog of Russian banknotes 1769-2023  CoinsMoscow (with prices)

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------- features of the 3nd release -------

- fixed bugs throughout the catalog that were in the last release
- the content has become more detailed for the sections of banknotes from 1991 to 1994, in order to quickly find banknotes of young Russia in the book.
- added information about the banknote 50 rubles 1899 with a watermark (usually they are without a watermark)
- added a photo of the 1902 bill paper watermark and added it to the 1915-1917 long-term bonds section because they used the bill paper watermark
- the section of bonds "Freedom Loan" of 1917 was improved: new images were inserted, +1 spread was made, a full photo of the bond with 9 coupons was added, on both sides, as well as a photo of the watermark of this bond. Deciphered in more detail the meaning of the inscriptions on the coupons.
- the section "Winning loans" of 1917 has been improved. Increased the number and quality of photos. There are photos of coupons on both sides of each of the 5 digits with an explanation of the inscriptions on them. The text from the 1st category ticket is completely reprinted so that you can read it calmly, this text is added because it contains basic information on the issue of "winning loans" and the rules for paying interest on them with a table of additional winnings. And the 3rd spread in this section, this is a photo of the full ticket along with all the coupons, on one side and the other, so that it is clear how it looked initially, before the coupons were torn off from it.
- added AA series of 10.000.000 rubles 1921 Urgent interest-free obligations
- added information on the type of paper for 1 chervonets 1926, 2 chervonets 1928, for 3 chervonets 1932.
- for all banknotes since 1961, sections have been enlarged and information has been added in different places:
- since 1961, modern banknotes have been allocated a separate cost for the starting series (the series from which the banknote began to be printed). Starting series are also highlighted in banknote modifications.
- Section 10 rubles 1961 edited for the presence of a seal visible in ultraviolet light.
- in banknotes 1961-1992 added information, where there is a watermark with inverted stars.
- added different colors of rosettes on 100 rubles of 1961
- Tislenko Tables have been added on banknotes from 1991 to modern banknotes!! with slightly simplified conventions. These tables show with which series the banknote was issued, and with which it was not. Accordingly, if you come across a series that is not marked as present on the banknote, then this is an occasion to take a photo and send it to the email address indicated in the catalog. Also, the information on the tables has been updated to the maximum by the time the catalog is released. We also noted transitional series from the tables - series that were both on one modification and on the next modification of the banknote.
- in 5 rubles 1991 added a new series for 5 rubles 1991 with an orange rosette
- in 5 rubles 1997, the division of the series into the Moscow Printing Factory and the Perm Printing Factory was added
- in 50 rubles 1997 a small note with a photo was added, showing different frame lengths on banknotes
- in 50 rubles 1997 added a small note about Verger paper
- added an article by Yaroslav Adrianov about how he saw live 100 rubles 1997 modification 2001 with the AB series and after that no one else saw it
- in 100 rubles 1997 added information about the found series of UV, UG, UZ. The oA series in 100 rubles of the modification of 2004 is also highlighted, so it is known only with small numbers in the numbers - information about the glow of the banknote number in the Ultraviolet glow on banknotes of 100 rubles and 2000 rubles has been added. - added a banknote of 100 rubles 2022 with a new design
- added varieties of banknote 100 rubles 2015 Crimea (letters P in the ribbon, "jumping bead", 6th window on the minaret to the balcony)
- added different glow in the ultraviolet of the banknote 100 rubles Sochi (4 options)
- added a variety of 200 rubles 2017 with the 6th column!
- added a new found series of EP on banknotes of 500 rubles of modification of 2010, this series has not been on banknotes since 1957...
- first published in print and found 1000 rubles of modification 2004 with a gray coat of arms (usually crimson).
- added marriage of 1000 rubles with a green ribbon
- in the section of banknote marriages, a banknote of 100 rubles with a floating ribbon has been added
- added 50 rubles 1997 and 10 rubles 1961 with trimming defects, added marriages "numbering failure", added information about the offset of the protective tape on 10 rubles 1997
- added a section with modern test banknotes and banknotes for ATMs

------ general catalog information ----

- Watermarks are all in the form of drawings or photographs.

- On banknotes, the number can be either serial or series - everything is explained in the catalog!

- For banknotes of 1992-1995, 1997-2022, we prescribed transitional series, what transitional series are described in the catalog next to the use of this word, you do not need to scroll to the end of the book to watch definitions.

- For banknotes of 1961, such printing methods as metallography, Oryol printing and offset printing are described.

- Decoding of the names of factories RPF, MPF, UPF, PPF since 1918

- Description of banknote states UNC, aUNC, XF, VF, F, G, P.

- Maximum information for the amount you pay.

- 336 pages of selected material

ISBN 978-5-6043383-7-7

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