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Catalog of Russian banknotes 1769-2021 CoinsMoscow, 2 issue (with prices)

Country: Russia
Year: 2020
Composition: Paper
Thickness (mm): 16.3
Size of product (mm): 140x205 mm
 Product code (SKU):  S20.4.3(s)
 EAN: OZN172019313
 ID:  p12721-c567-z172019313
 Weight: 463 g

299.00 ₽
from 1 - 9 price: 299.00 ₽
from 10  price: 199.00 ₽

Catalog of Russian banknotes 1769-2021  CoinsMoscow (with prices)

------- features of the 2nd release -------

- since 1818, the signatures of the managers are inserted in the table, do not go to the end of the catalog

- in the second issue of the catalog, attention is paid to Samples (trial) banknotes, since many of them are available and sold at auctions, we described their varieties - by watermark, by type - overprint / perforation, double-sided or side separately, with or without numbers - there where possible, maximum information.

- for deposit tickets 1840-1841, the signatures of cashiers and managers known to the authors-compilers were collected, as well as links were made - at what auction were sold or where were published.

- for unreleased bank notes of 1802-1803, watermarks were drawn for the first time

- 94 pages thicker. Of course, they are filled as densely as possible and contain selected valuable information. So that you get maximum information for your money.

- since 1866, all signatures of cashiers have been inserted immediately into the table, you do not need to scroll to the end of the book to see what the signature looks like.

- inserted thumbnails of banknote pictures in the period 1866-1912, to navigate in the thickness of the pages with the signatures of cashiers

- video material has been added throughout the catalog, it filled technical voids. Better there would be a video than a piece of paper.

- the catalog has several authors, compilers, an article is inserted from each author, in which it is written what he wants to tell you!

- where possible - marriages on banknotes are described, for example, on the same banknote 5 rubles 1909 were mistakenly affixed two different series of PE and PZ, or for example 10 rubles 1909 with emblems at the eagle and without emblems, etc.

- additionally added the following sections "Transport certificates 1923", "Payment obligations 1923-1929"

- "Voucher" - Privatization check of 1992! Also included.

- in banknotes of the sample 1947, 1957, the letters D, P, U, F, C are added - for type 1 and type 2. Now a complete set. Also in the same section, a variety appeared - the letters of the series are arranged and more information about the samples appeared!

- in modern banknotes of 100 rubles 1997, the theme of “Varnish series” is slightly more disclosed

- added information about pale and yellow edging on modern banknotes

- article "Starting Series"

- the article "The cost of rare numbers on banknotes", by the way, they can fall for everyone!

- Secret page number 2

- article "What is Hody?"

- posted the alphabet of Tsarist Russia

------ general catalog information ----

- Watermarks are all in the form of drawings or photographs.

- On banknotes, the number can be either serial or series - everything is explained in the catalog!

- For banknotes of 1992-1995, 1997-2020, we prescribed transitional series, what transitional series are described in the catalog next to the use of this word, you do not need to scroll to the end of the book to watch definitions.

- For banknotes of 1961, such printing methods as metallography, Oryol printing and offset printing are described.

- Decoding of the names of factories RPF, MPF, UPF, PPF since 1918

- Description of banknote states UNC, aUNC, XF, VF, F, G, P.

- Maximum information for the amount you pay.

- 272 pages of selected material

ISBN 978-5-6043383-3-9

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