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Perhaps because of the virus, part of the international parcels got stuck at the border. We can only wait for their dispatch. Parcel can be on way about 2 month.

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1 kopeck 1705, year in letters, copper copy
1 kopeck 1705, year in letters, copper copy
1 pcs
99.00 ₽

Copies of coins of Imperial Russia 1700-1725, coins of silver and copper coins
Rouble 1707 Moscow G.Petrov I 1 ruble 1710 Peter I, 1 Rouble 1712 Moscow, Peter I, 1 ruble 1718 Peter I, year letters, 1 ruble 1721 Moscow, Peter I Peter 1 ruble 1705 silver I copy, 1 ruble Tigrovik 1723, Peter I Rouble 1723 Seaman 1 / Eagle Poltina 1718 Poltina 1719 Poltina 1721 Poltina 1722