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Catalog of Soviet Union and Russian coins 1918-2020 CoinsMoscow (with prices)

Composition: Paper
Manufacturer: Russia
Size of product: 142x202 mm
Video: Russian coins catalogue 1918-to date
 Product code (SKU):  S20.4.2(s)
 Weight: 214 g

199.00 RUB
from 1 - 9 price: 199.00 RUB
from 10  price: 129.00 RUB

We have english version of catalog here http://coinsmoscow.ru/pn18074

Description of russian version (10th edition):

Catalog of Soviet Union and Russian coins 1918-2020 CoinsMoscow (with prices)

- The cheapest yet the fullest catalog on USSR and Russian coins with pictures and information at the same time
- All commemorative coins are accompanied with pictures
- The common and regular issued coins are divided in types. If the type or the design of the coin has been changed, both pictures of both types are represented
- All precious metal coins have information on: weight of the coin, diameter, weight of pure metal, standard of fineness, mintage type, price and other. There are also information on the coin thickness and its edge.
- The catalog is structured in chronological order - from old USSR times to modern Russia
- The catalog includes information on USSR local and special coin issues
- There is information on future coin issues with the estimated price
- The catalog is easy to use because every page has a head title with the name of the chapter you are currently on
- The catalog includes links on our YouTube channel where you can see the actual coins and learn more about them 

132 pages

ISBN 978-5-9500485-7-9

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Short link: http://coinsmoscow.ru/pn705

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