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Folder for bimetallic 10 rubles Russian coins, for two mints, blister

Composition: Plastic / Cardboard
Manufacturer: Russia
Size of product: 230x270x40 mm
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bu4A6Bklm8S/
 Product code (SKU):  S16.3.3(s)
 Weight: 535 g

799.00 RUB
from 1 - 4 price: 799.00 RUB

Folder for bimetallic 10 rubles Russian coins, for two mints, blister

120 spots. 6 sheets. Label from the both sides of sheet. Last coin in album is 10 rubles 2018 MMD Gorokhovets.

2000 MMD, SPMD 55 years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

2001 MMD, SPMD 40th anniversary of the space flight of Y.Gagarin

2002 MMD Armed Forces

2002 MMD Derbent

2002 MIA Ministry of the Interior

2002 MMD Ministry of Education

2002 SPMD Kostroma

2002 SPMD Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2002 SPMD Ministry of Finance

2002 SPMD Ministry of Economic Development and Trade

2002 SPMD Ministry of Justice

2002 SPMD Staraya Russa

2003 MMD Dorogobuzh

2003 SPMD Kasimov

2003 SPMD Murom

2003 SPMD Pskov

2004 MMD Dmitrov

2004 MMD Ryazhsk

2004 SPMD Kem

2005 MMD Kaliningrad

2005 MMD Krasnodar Territory

2005 MMD Moscow

2005 MMD Mtsensk

2005 MMD Oryol region

2005 MMD Tver region

2005 MMD, SPMD 60 years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

2005 SPMD Borovsk

2005 SPMD Kazan

2005 SPMD Leningrad Region

2005 SPMD Republic of Tatarstan

2006 MMD Belgorod

2006 MMD Kargopol

2006 MMD Primorsky Krai

2006 MMD Sakhalin Region

2006 SPMD Altai Republic

2006 SPMD Sakha Republic (Yakutia)

2006 SPMD Torzhok

2006 SPMD Chita region

2007 MMD Lipetsk region

2007 MMD Novosibirsk region

2007 MMD Republic of Bashkortostan

2007 MMD, SPMD Great Ustyug

2007 MMD, SPMD Gdov

2007 MMD, SPMD Vologda

2007 SPMD Arkhangelsk region

2007 SPMD Republic of Khakassia

2007 SPMD Rostov region

2008 MMD, SPMD Azov

2008 MMD, SPMD Astrakhan Region

2008 MMD, SPMD Vladimir

2008 MMD, SPMD Kabardino-Balkarian Republic

2008 MMD, SPMD Priozersk

2008 MMD, SPMD Sverdlovsk region

2008 MMD, SPMD Smolensk

2008 MMD, SPMD Udmurtia

2009 MMD, SPMD Veliky Novgorod

2009 MMD, SPMD Vyborg

2009 MMD, SPMD Galich

2009 MMD, SPMD Jewish Autonomous Region

2009 MMD, SPMD Kaluga

2009 MMD, SPMD Adygea Republic

2009 MMD, SPMD Republic of Kalmykia

2009 SPMD Kirov region

2009 SPMD Komi Republic

2010 SPMD Bryansk

2010 SPMD All-Russian Population Census

2010 SPMD Nenets Autonomous District

2010 SPMD Perm Region

2010 SPMD Chechen Republic

2010 SPMD Yuryevets

2010 SPMD Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug

2011 SPMD Voronezh region

2011 SPMD Elets

2011 SPMD Republic of Buryatia

2011 SPMD Solikamsk

2012 SPMD Belozersk

2013 SPMD Republic of Dagestan

2013 SPMD Republic of North Ossetia-Alania

2014 SPMD Nerekhta

2014 SPMD Penza region

2014 SPMD Republic of Ingushetia

2014 SPMD Saratov region

2014 SPMD Tyumen region

2014 SPMD Chelyabinsk Region

2016 MMD Great Luke

2016 MMD Teeth

2016 MMD Irkutsk region

2016 MMD Rzhev

2016 SPMD Amur region

2016 SPMD Belgorod region

2017 MMD Olonets

2017 MMD Tambov region

2017 MMD Ulyanovsk region

2018 MMD Gorokhovets

2018 MMD Kurgan region

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Short link: http://coinsmoscow.ru/pn19635

Category short url: http://coinsmoscow.ru/cn1012

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