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Folder for commemorative 10 rubles coins, Cities of War Glory and other series from 2010-2020  

Country: Russia
Year: 2020
Composition: Cardboard
 Views: 117008
 Product code (SKU):  S20.3.3(s)
 EAN: OZN732601649
 ID:  p9506-c1012-z732601649
 Weight: 116 g

159 ₽

from 1 - 9 price: 159 ₽
from 10   price: 125 ₽

Folder for commemorative 10 rubles coins, Cities of War Glory

This folder have places for this coins:
10 ROUBLES 2011
1. Belgorod
2. Kursk
3. Orel
4. Vladikavkaz
5. Malgobek
6. Rjev
7. Elnya
8. Elets
9. Voronej

10 ROUBLES 2012
10. Luga
11. Polyarniy
12. Rostov-na-Donu
13. Tuapse
14. Velikie Luki
15. Velikiy Novgorod
16. Dmitrov

10 ROUBLES 2013
17. Vyazma
18. Kronstadt
19. Narofominsk
20. Pskov
21. Kozelsk
22. Arkhangelsk
23. Volokolamsk 
24. Bryansk

10 ROUBLES 2014:
25. Nalchik 
26. Vyborg 
27. Kalach-na-Donu 
28. Vladivostok 
29. Tihvin
30. Tver
31. Anapa
32. Kolpino
33. Stary Oskol

In Plan:
34. Kovrov
34. Lomonosov 
36. Taganrog 
37. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
38. Maloyaroslavets
39. Mojaysk
40. Habarosvsk
41. Staraya Russa
42. Petrozavodsk
43. Grozniy
44. Gatchina
45. Feodosia
Other coins:
1. 65 years of the victory
2. 50th Anniversary of human
 First Space Flight
3. 1150 years of Russian Government
4. Arch of Triumph
5. Logo and emblem of the
Universiade in Kazan
6. Mascot. Universiade in Kazan
7. 70th anniversary of Stalingrad Battle
8. 20 years of the Constitution of the Russian Federation
9. Republic Crimea
10. Sevastopol
11. Universiade 1
12. Universiade 2

And 3 empty cells for future coins.
You can buy this coins here: "Cities of Military Glory"

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