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2 rubles 2012 Russia Vasilisa Kozhina, MMD

Country: Russia
Face value: 2 rubles
Year: 2012
Composition: steel with nickel-plated
Edge: Intermittently Reeded
Diameter (mm): 23
Thickness (mm): 1.8
Mintage: 5.000.000
Orientation: ↑↑
Authenticity: original
 Product code (SKU):  S19.10.4(s)
 EAN: OZN164821612
 ID:  p12381-c1854-z164821612
 Weight: 5 g

39.00 ₽
from 1 - 4 price: 39.00 ₽
from 5  price: 15.00 ₽

2 roubles 2012 Russia Vasilisa Kozhina, MMD

Vasilisa Kozhina (1780 - 1840) - a hero of the Patriotic War of 1812.

Vasilisa came from Russian peasants. She was a wife of Gorshkov, a starosta (an elder) of a village ofSychyovsky Uyezd of Smolensk Governorate. During the French invasion of Russia from Vasilisa Kozhina organized in Sychyovsky Uyezd a partisan detachment of teenagers and women. All of them were armed withscythespitchforksaxesbear spears and so on. During the retreat of Napoleon's troops from Moscow her guerrillas attacked French troops, captured prisoners and handed them to Russian units. For this feat Vasilisa Kozhina was awarded a medal and given a monetary reward. In 1813, the artist Alexander Smirnov has painted her sole portrait.

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