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2 euro 2006 Finland, suffrage colorized

Country: Finland
Face value: 2 Euro
Year: 2006
Composition: Ring-melchior, center-nickel/bronze
Edge: Reeded and Lettered
Diameter (mm): 25.75
Thickness (mm): 2.2
Mintage: 2.500.000
Orientation: ↑↑
Authenticity: original
 Product code (SKU):  K2.9.7(s)
 EAN: OZN167973392
 ID:  p14064-c2212-z167973392
 Weight: 8.5 g

649.00 ₽
from 1 - 4 price: 649.00 ₽
from 5  price: 559.00 ₽

2 euro 2006, Finland, suffrage colorized

Colorized coin - private job. Coin colorized on one side.

The first European country to introduce women's suffrage was the Grand Duchy of Finland. Amidst the administrative reforms following the 1905 uprising, Finnish women's demand for both the right to vote (universal and equal suffrage) and the right to stand for election were met in 1906. The world's first female members of parliament were also Finnish, when on 1907, 19 women took up their places in the Parliament of Finland as a result of the 1907 parliamentary elections.

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