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1 crown 2009 Isle of Man Chinchilla Cat and Kitten

Composition: copper-nickel alloy
Edge: Reeded
Diameter: 38.5 мм
Orientation: ↑↑
Authenticity: original
 Product code (SKU):  z19(d)
 ID:  p9501-c1613-z0
 Weight: 31.1 g

1439.00 ₽

1 crown 2009 Isle of Man Chinchilla Cat and Kitten

Chinchillas are a variety of the Persian cat and are classed as "silver" cats. They have a quiet, gentle nature and are suitable for anyone with the exception of small children, a rule that basically applies to all Persians. The Chinchilla’s undercoat is pure white, the coat on the back, legs, flanks, head, ears and tail being tipped with black, this tipping evenly distributed giving a characteristic sparkling appearance. The face and legs may be very slightly shaded with the tipping but the chin, ear tufts, stomach and chest must be pure white. Chinchillas have emerald or blue/green eyes and their nose is brick red, outlined with a ring of black. 

Isle of Man started issuing Cat Coin series in 1988 featuring different breeds of cats on an annual basis. By now there are 24 copper-nickel coins with 24 different cat breeds.

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